Shrinking To Be Loved



It is a horrible feeling to know you are not able to be yourself. It is not
only sad but it is scary to think you will never learn how to honor who you
are. When we look back at how so many marginalized groups have had to fight to
be accepted, you would think accepting ourselves would be a piece of cake. But
on the contrary.

Something To Ponder

Some of us were raised in environments where the slightest difference was
rejected or ridiculed.  We may have found that our most honest disposition was frowned upon.  In a
attempt to fit in, be accepted, and to be validated, we quickly learned as
children that our “substitute-self” was the accepted version of you.
While you may have learned to toggle between your established substitute-self,
with great precision, it unfortunately eroded your ability to simply be you.

You may experience:

·     Losing a clear view of yourself

·     A need to adapt to multiple situations per setting

·     Anxiety (when around certain people)

·     Depression (after shape shifting to be accepted)

·     Compartmentalizing relationships

·   Exhaustion

·    Anger (an internal dissatisfaction that you cant seem to place its origin)


You are essentially betraying yourself. Your true self is undeveloped and starved for connection. You are left with connections to people who do not know you. Additionally, those who would have potential to be healthy relationships are not able to connect to your hidden true self.  This essentially, leaves you lonely, starved for true connection, and resentful.  

When you deny who you are, you create a vacuum of despair. Once this hole has been created it continues to grow. It can be a hidden trap within you. Capturing and collecting your dreams, your hopes, and self-worth.

You may be thinking; How do I stop Shrinking To Be Loved? But it is more important to understand why you shrink before addressing how to stop doing it.  This can be done.  You can live a more congruent life with happy and whole personal connections.


Activating the Power of Thought

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