New Years Stagnation

2019 Stagnation

January is coming to a close and we are now faced with the reality of our commitments, or lack thereof, to our New Years Resolutions. If you are feeling accomplished because your dedication and determination has not wavered; KUDOS! But if you are like most of us, we have already given up and thrown in the towel.

I’m sure this has been an eye-opening and sobering reality check. You are probably thinking:

What went wrong?

Why do I always do this?

I really thought I was going to stick with it this time.


Well the good news is IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to try again!


Research shows 59% of people who had a “referee” or “coach,” were able to achieve their goals.  Here are some common reasons as to why you may be having a difficult time sticking to your resolution.

  • Lack of will power
  • Unrealistic goals
  • Lack of time management skills
  • Unable to make yourself a priority


So Why Go It Alone?
You may need to partner with an accountability partner. You may need the support of another. Asking for help may be the key towards the healing and transformation you’ve been seeking.

I pray you will be patient with yourself as you fumble forward towards your goals.  Because any movement is good movement.



Ready to get serious?  Click here for options of support.

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