Who’s In Charge Of Your Thoughts?

Recently watched another great Serena Williams tennis match and wondered how can one little yellow ball and it’s placement  have such enormous effects?  The tennis ball must be placed in the exact spot at the most precise moment to win.  So imagine with me for a moment, if your thoughts were like tennis balls.  Who’s holding the racket?

How you function cognitively greatly effects your life?  Do you allow your thoughts to bounce around unchecked and without purpose?  Do they race back and forth like tennis balls on a court minus a good serve and return?  Your thoughts have the power to inspire you.  And unfortunately, they have the power to exhaust and confuse you.  Thoughts left to their own devices can be a dangerous thing.  So let’s actively engage the power of our thoughts.


Can you imagine what life would be like if Serena Williams were given the job of regulating those free floating and hard hitting thoughts in your mind? 

Can you image how clear and concise your perspectives would become?

No thought will go unchecked
No thought will go unchecked


Actively Engaging The Power of Thought

Think about one of those negative thoughts that seem to ricochet through your mind.  Recall that one negative thought that continues to crop up  when you are in a good mood or that negative thought that seems to confirm your most miserable moments of defeat and depression.  Yes…negative thoughts love to kick you when your down.  So if you have one in mind, let’s begin.

Becoming more engaged with the workings of your thoughts and emotions will serve you well.  Negative feelings begin with a thought.  So all thoughts MUST be inspected.  As you prepare to unleash that thought, ask yourself:



Every thought must be inspected.
Every thought must be inspected.

Does this negative thought originate from a place of truth?

Do you have evidence that this thought is valid?

What are you able to change about your perspective in regards to this thought?

What do you have control over?

What area do you need to just let go and face reality?




After the thought is inspected and explored, you can decide if you want this thought to stay in play or if it needs to be rejected and rendered useless for the game.  At this point it would respectfully be served out of bounds with grace and power.


Serena Williams reaching for ball
I must not let one thought get by me.

If this thought were valid, it needs to be brought into play.  Identify how it serves you or if it serves to defeat you.  Sit with this thought for a while.  It may prove to be a skewed thought that needs a more positive reframing.  However, it can not go unchecked.  It can not just slide by you.  Reach and challenge yourself to reclaim a balanced thought life  and a more productive mindfulness about yourself.



Our thoughts and the way they are executed serve a very specific purpose.  They are the beginning of a productive and specific purpose or they can weigh us down with mis-beliefs and untruths.  Gaining a firmer grip on our thoughts and regulating our emotions assists in living optimally; all in the hopes of winning in life.

So as you go about your day, try to catch one of those  stray thoughts.  Inspect it.  Ponder its purpose for existing.  Regulate it in a manner that serves you rather than takes away from you.

Serena Williams victorious
All thoughts in check.

A balanced, productive, and victorious thought life is well within your reach.

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