Happy New Thought

A new year has arrived; bringing all of the fresh and euphoric feelings of new beginnings with it.  And what new year would be complete with out our new years resolutions.  If you are one of the millions of people who meet the new year with resolutions, declarations, a fresh game plan, ways to challenge yourself, and lists of things to change, then kudos to you!


Something to Ponder

In the hopes of succeeding with your new and fresh ideas of change, we should take a deeper look.  Our new courses of action, are generally based on core dissatisfaction and insights we would like to change about ourselves.  So why do so many of us give up or fail by the 3rd week of January?

Ask yourself:  To what are your new resolutions and decisions anchored.  Are they desires?  Are they goals? Are they based in truth?




As we begin our year with new ideas, fresh resolutions, new habits,  and better decisions we are like a child with helium balloons tied to our wrist.  Resolutions are the balloons and we are the child with excitement and good intentions of not letting the balloon escape into an ascension.  Optimism and commitment are our new best friends.  Over time, our balloon will either begin to lose helium or worse, you may begin to feel incumbered by that pesky string tied to your wist.  Some of us will simply forget we even have a balloon.  Why is this?  Why are our new years resolutions so easy to forget and cast aside?


Actively Engaging the Power of a NEW THOUGHT

Resolutions have the face of good intentions.  However, it is the discovery and identification of core truth, in addition to thought reconstruction which fosters the beginning of true change.  So instead of our new years resolutions being akin to helium balloons, they are more like seedlings in fresh ground.  Growing slowly while firmly “grounded” [pun intended] to an unmovable foundation.  These new thoughts should be given amble space to take root and grow.  This way, your new thoughts will start to serve you.  They will fortify you with even more solid thoughts and foundational truths toward a more sustainable way of thinking.



It is your thoughts that require newness; not that of a new calendar.

A new year with an old mind does not support effective change. 

So let’s look at some examples of balloon vs. seedling resolutions:

Desire New Year Resolution Core truth/Insight New Thought
Lose weight
  • No sweets or carbohydrates
  • Work-out every morning before work

  • I eat when I feel lonely, bored, inadequate, sad, etc.
  • What I eat is the only thing I can control.
  • I will become cognitively engaged and aware of how I feel when I want to eat/over eat.
  • I will keep a daily journal of when, what, and WHY I eat.
Reduce my debt
  • No credit card spending this year.
  • Blindly allocate $200 of monthly income to paying off debt.

  • I spend when I need to feel successful, important, significant, etc.
  • Buying more things makes me feel…..
  • Do I spend and live above my means?
  • I will become cognitively engaged and aware of how and why I spend.
  • I will start charting my spending habits to identify areas of financial waste
I’m going to be different this year
  • Say “NO” or “YES” more often
  • Be more out spoken or be more quiet
  • Let things role off my back or Confront issues more promptly
  • What is it about me that I am not pleased with?
  • What does NOT seem to work in my life?
  • Do I achieve the results I want from the way I relate and communicate with others?
  • I will become cognitively engaged and aware of how I function with others in different settings.
  • I will try to discover what need is behind saying “NO” or “YES” to people who demand of me?
  • I will try to identify and find correlations with why some things bother me and why others do not.

This year will be a good year because you are optimistic about its new opportunities for change and growth.  But one thing will be abundantly clear.  You are in control of the change you desire.  It’s all in how you approach achieving it; balloon or seedling.

So here’s to a great New Year and more life changing New Thoughts

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