How Was Your Thanksgiving?

How was your Thanksgiving?

I pray it was peaceful and filled with joy and good times.


Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone.  Some of you may have been attempting to navigate emotional mine fields.  Some of you may have been triggered by the dysfunctional dynamics in your family.  And today, you are either “thankful” that it is over or you are struggling to process why it’s all so difficult.

You may be asking yourself:

  • Why do I put myself through this every year?
  • Why am I so affected by my loved ones?
  • Why can’t I heal and move on?
  • Why am I so angry when I have to deal with my family?
  • Why am I so sad and low after family gatherings?
  • Why do I struggle to manage my emotions?

If you can relate, my new course is for you.  What’s Behind Your Anger is a self paced course that will guide you through the following:

LEARN ~ You will learn about the four main components which function under the surface of anger.

IDENTIFY ~ You will learn how to identify these components within you.

ACT~ You will learn how to manage and self-regulate when any of these areas are activated within you.


You deserve to have a life of peace and contentment.  This begins with a better understanding and acceptance of you.  So let’s make YOU a priority.


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