Learning To Launch


Feeling stagnant in our relationships, in work, and in our spirit can feel suffocating.  It can be extremely mind numbing to be sedentary in our movements with the presence of a better way gnawing at us.  So it may be time for a change.

Something To Ponder

It is an all too familiar feeling when you begin to see your professional atmosphere as suffocating, unfulfilled, and/or frustrating.  Feeling as if your current relationships are not fulfilling but rather, depleting.  Feeling this way does not always mean that it is time to leave your current position.  It doesn’t mean that the grass will be better on the other side.  These feelings are an indication that it’s time for some soul searching.

  • Why am I am so frustrated?
  • Am I no longer happy with my current position?
  • Is this an opportunity to learn something about myself?
  • Am I frustrated in my current relationships because my needs are not being met or because I am not able to advocate for myself?
  • Do I allow myself to be negatively influenced by the people in my life or in my career?
  • Is my ultimate fear that of being alone?
  • Am I running from a personal challenge that may stretch me into a more productive and self-aware person?
  • Do I feel called to do something else that will bring fulfillment to myself and others?
  • Is there another job/career/business burning in my belly that’s being ignored?
  • Have I truly tapped into my inner self.

Questions like these will lead you to some honest and game changing answers.

The roots of frustration can be unfulfilled needs,

unrealistic expectation and unresolved problems.

Actively Engaging The Power of Thought

Launching denotes there is something that is being catapulted into newness.  Discovering what that newness is, is the the tricky part.  One thing is key, there are potentially more things to NOT take into your newness than things to acquire.

Make sure you are chasing your dreams and

not running from your nightmares.

It’s healthy to want a better way of life.  It is healthy to desire a more fulfilling way of functioning.  However, it can become cancerous to your journey if you have unresolved conflicts and unfinished business that is presently in your way.

If bitterness and resentment are not explored and processed before venturing off to the next, they will contaminate the pureness and possibly the success of the launch.

All components need to be checked, double checked, and checked again.  A successful launch will be contingent upon you know the following:

  • What is the direction?
  • What is the destination?
  • What is the goal?
  • How will I know when I get there?
  • What am I leaving behind?
  • What will meet me at my arrival?
  • Why do I feel compelled to launch?

So check in with yourself before moving forward.  Once you have conducted an honest self-inventory, you are well on your way to launching into a balanced, intelligent, and successful manner.

Who knows…2015 may be your year to launch!

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