Knowing You

Do we ever truly grasp the essence of another human being?  Are we ever fully privileged to the inner workings of another?  If we sit and ponder the actions and perceived thoughts of another, we may come up with a few theories but never a concrete truth.  The only person we can ever truly know is ourselves.  Knowing ourselves is the beginning of trusting ourselves.  Before trusting anyone else, you should give yourself the gift of trusting yourself.

Knowing you will serve you well.  The ability to trust yourself in the context of your relationships is a gift that keeps giving.  It may sound self serving and selfish; however, if you trust yourself you can trust your choices.

Thoughts to Pondering

How do you function in your relationships (family, spouse, children, friends, co-workers)?

Are you selfish or selfless?

Are you guarded and distant or demonstrative and overly attached?

Are you authentically yourself?

Do people really know you?

How do people feel when they leave your presence?

What fear governs most of your actions?

What motives guide your choices?

Are you self aware?

For some, the answers to these questions may come easy.  The answers may serve as a reassuring agent or a cue to make some minor adjustments.  However, some of us may find that we are at a loss.  The answers to these questions may lead to some core truths about ourselves that we are not ready to deal with.  In turn, we may be experiencing feelings of insecurity, anxiety, depression, loneliness, or a state of feeling overwhelmed.  But there is hope.

Actively Engaging the Power of Thought

If you have an unsettled feeling after reading these questions, there are steps you can take to alleviate these negative feelings.  While these steps may be uncomfortable and scary, trust yourself.  Change is inevitable and your openness to these healthy changes will prove beneficial towards strength and healing.  Try the following:

  • Disconnect—For 20 minutes, step out of today’s flow and pace.  Turn off all electronics.  Quiet the external stimuli that brings distraction, movement, and a false sense of self.
  • Invite Stillness—Sit quietly with yourself and listen.  Attempt to breathe in through your noise and out through your mouth.  Is there a small internal voice that you have been ignoring?
  • Reconnect with You—Quieting the “white noise” of other people’s opinions and voices will, over time, allow you to hear your inner voice more clearly.  Pay attention, you may surprise yourself with answers you have been seeking.

This exercise may produce strong emotions or new revelations, and this is okay.  Trust yourself.  This will allow you to function from a place of inner truth and peace.  You may even experience a refreshing or newness of thought.  However, if you find that you are unable to regulate the feelings you are encountering, help is available.  Ask yourself if you need to reach out to a mature friend or a trained professional and trust the answer.

Knowing You is the beginning of inner strength and peace

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